Tuesday, October 16, 2007

flickr should die!

flickr is right on my last nerve!!!!! flickr used to be my best friend in the whole world until i noticed how stupid it was! first of all you are only allowed to upload 200 pictures to your account. this presents a problem to me. i use flickr to put all my pictures up so that all my friends can see them without having to email them one at a time. well i cant put all my pictures up there beause i have wwwaaaaaayyyyyy more than 200! another thing that is really stupid is that you are only allowed to upload so many per month. so now i have to wait until next month to upload the rest of my pictures!
now there is a pro account that you can buy and get unlimited pictures and upload as many as you want per month. however, the pro account costs $21 per month! who in the world wants to pay $21 a month to put pictures up??? not me!!!
i am currently in the proccess of finding an image hosting site that allows you to post UNLIMITED amount of pictures with out paying!
i'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

can you rollyo?

a couple of weeks ago we held a little something for the teachers to help them learn about a bunch of new programs and websites that we are going to hopefully start using. all of us in john's 4th hour computer support class gathered in the lobby ready to teach some teachers. each of us had a different program or website that we were going to assist in teaching about. me and angela were going to teach about the fabulous web 2.0 site, rollyo. if you don't know how to rollyo, you are about to find out. rollyo is a web 2.0 site in which you can create your own search engines to your liking. all you have to do is pick the websites that you want to search, and rollyo will create your very own searchroll! whenever you search on that searchroll, rollyo will only find information from those websites. it's a very easy way to create a search engine from only the websites you trust. now, here's the web 2.0 part. you can look at other searchrolls that other people have created, and you can even edit searchrolls created by others! there are LOTS of other things you can do will rollyo, but you'll have to check it out to see for yourself!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my 3-day weekend

ok so i had a pretty interesting weekend. friday night i went to the catholic high game and it was soooo much fun! my sister is in 8th grade at st. george and this was her first high school football game, and let me tell ya, the look on her face when she first stepped up into the student section, was priceless!

bright and early saturday morning was our swim meet for sja. we kicked some serious butt! we got first place by like, 180 points. except that i had to swim the 100 fly AGAIN! and this time it was not pretty! lately i've been having some trouble with my arm and we came to the conclusion that it is inflamed, so every time i swim on it it hurts really bad. well this was the first time i had tried to compete on it, and my arm hurt so bad during the whole time i was swimming fly, i was about to just give up and swim with one arm! the 400 free relay wasn't too bad i guess.

sunday i went to my dad's football jamboree (just in case you're wondering, my dad was not playing in the jamboree, he coaches the st. george 7th and 8th grade team and they were the ones playing) so i went to the jamboree and it was raining THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!! i'm not kidding, it did not stop raining at all! they finally called the game cause of lightning (which i might add, was coming down like a beast!) we were playing st. theresa and we were up like 18-0 when the finally called it

monday was NO SCHOOL and my whole day consisted of sleep/watching tv/swim practice. pretty exciting day huh? sure beats the heck out of going to school!

Friday, September 21, 2007

interesting debate

wow. i heard an interesting debate today about the Jena 6. I knew a good bit about the subject, but it was interesting to hear people with different opinions creatively discuss the matter. i actually picked up a good bit of information that i had not known before. now i know how intense some of these people can get in debates....

so now i have this long weekend to go out and experience life so that i can come back here to blog about it. tomorrow is our super-cool-awesome swim meet, where we are definately going to dominate and i am going to try to look past the fact that i have to swim the 100 fly against my best friend.

as for tonight, the catholic high football game! Geaux Bears!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yatec Game Test

ok so as everyone knows the people from yatec games came in so we could test out their new game called pet shop tycoon. i think i speak for everyone when i say that this game was ADDICTING! there wasn't that much of the game set up yet, but what they had so far was so much fun!!! i cannot wait until the full game comes out! they let us play for about 30 minutes, and when that time was up they and they told us to stop, we were all so into the game that none of us wanted to quit playing. and this wasnt even the full version.
the basic concept of the game is that you are the owner of a pet store and you have to sell the pets and make money. to get more animals you can either buy them or breed them. what's really cool is that you can breed a cat and a rabbit to make this completely new animal called a cabbit. and the full version of the game is going to include over 40 different animals.
so be on the look out for this game because i guarantee that you will want to play it for hours on end. the people with the company said they are going to be developing the game for the next 8 months or so, so within the next year it should be out and ready!

Friday, September 14, 2007

yaay cables!

what on this green earth is more fun than making cat5 patch cables? i mean, can you honestly think of anything better? i know i can't! i will honestly admit that i didn't always enjoy the art of cable making (i know, gasp!) there was scoring the thing without cutting the wires, then straightening those little buggers out, then putting them in order even though they didn't want to stay in the order you put them in, then there's that crimper where you can't ever tell if it worked or not and then you try to pull it out and see only to find that it didn't and then you just skrewed up the order that you spent an hour trying to arrange!!!

but now, i have seen the light. me and cables have worked everything out and we've decided that we like each other. now i think these things are the best thing since sliced bread! how many people do you know can say they know how to make their own ethernet cables?? i don't know about you but that's pretty awesome! i use my cable all the time at home (i actually had to make 2 cables, cause my mom stole my first one. just shows you how popular these things are).

so cables and me are friends now. we really patched things up (haha, i made a joke!) i think we have a happy and healthy relationship ahead of us

before i close this i just want to remind everyone that weekends are for the warriors so have a wonderful weekend and MAKE GOOD CHOICES!